Burness Genealogy and Family History A summary of research on the Burness family. The research connects Robert Burness (Rabbie Burns, Scotlands greatest poet) to the Thomas of Begelly lineage.

Celtic Royal Genealogy Database of Celtic Royalty and satallite families. The Royal Tribes of Wales and European Royal Houses are included in the database.

Glamorgan Lovelucks Pedigree of the Lovelucks of Glamorgan.

Pedigree of Drake of Dorset Lineage of Drake of Dorset, Morgannwg and Gwent.

Pedigree of Mortimer of Coedmore Lineage of Mortimer of Coedmore

Thomas of Begelly Thomas of Begelly pedigree and history.

Ynys-cedwyn Estate Deeds, Portrey Tree Aubrey, Portrey and Gough family of Yniscedwyn


Bank of England

British Steel, Shotton

Burke's Peerage

Cambridge Journals online

Canadian Library Internet Archives millions of genealogical related books online

Cardiff Probate Registry of Wales

Cardiff Reference Library

Cardiff University

Companies House, Caerdydd

Duke of Beaufort and his archivist

Genuki A virtual reference library of genealogical information

Glamorgan, Gwent, Carmarthen, Swansea and Gloucester Archives

H.M. Land Registry

Irish Genealogy

Kent County Record Office

Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru / The National Library of Wales

National Archives

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Parish Chest

Parliament and the House of Lords

Pembrokeshire Records Office

Rootsweb Finding our roots together

Royal Courts of Justice, Chancery Division

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The Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion

The Royal Household and St James’s Palace

The WS Society, The Signet Library

University of Wales, Newport

Welsh Biography Online

Y Lolfa












Book, Manuscript and Web Downloads


A history of the county of Brecknock Volume 1, Volume 2


A history of Wales from the earliest times to the Edwardian conquest Volume 1, Volume 2


Alcwyn C. Evans Pedigree Books


A list of the sheriffs of Cardiganshire, from A.D. 1539 to A.D. 1868


Annals and antiquities of the counties and county families of Wales Volume 1, Volume 2


Brut y Twysogion, or, The chronicle of the princes


Calender of Patent Rolls


Enwogion Cymru. A biographical dictionary of eminent Welshmen, from the earliest times to the present, and including every name connected with the ancient history of Wales


Francis Green Deeds


Francis Green MSS


Genealogical memoirs of the family of Robert Burns


Golden Grove Book of Pedigrees based essentially on the works of David Edwardes and containing transcripts by Ethell Noyes from manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford

Castell Gorfod MS 7(i), Castell Gorfod MS 7(ii), Castell Gorfod MS 7(iii), Castell Gorfod MS 7(iv), Castell Gorfod MS 7(v)


Castell Gorfod MS 7(vi), Castell Gorfod MS 7(vii), Castell Gorfod MS 7(viii), Castell Gorfod MS (ix), Castell Gorfod MS (x), Castell Gorfod MS (xi),


Castell Gorfod MS (xii), Castell Gorfod MS (xiii), Castell Gorfod MS (xiv), Castell Gorfod MS (xv), Castell Gorfod MS (xvi), Castell Gorfod MS (xvii),


Castell Gorfod MS (xviii), Castell Gorfod MS (xix), Castell Gorfod MS (xx), Castell Gorfod MS (xxi)


Heraldic Visitations of Wales Volume 1, Volume 2


History of the princes of South Wales


Llyfyr Baglan or The Book of Baglan


Loveluck Family History


Notes Relating to the Family of Stransham of Kent


Pedigrees of Anglesey and Carnarvonshire Families


Royal Tribes of Wales


Some Old Families, A Contribution to the Genealogical History of Scotland, Volume 1 and 2


The Family of McCall


The history of the princes of Powys Fadog, Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5, Volume 6


The Scots Peerage


Theophilus Jones, F.S.A., 1759-1812 : the historian and his family


Welsh Genealogies A.D. 300-1400,Welsh Genealogies A.D. 1400-1500, Prosiect Bartrum/Bartrum Project


Welsh Journals Online