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The Turner-Thomas DNA Project was initially established during 1996 to determine the genetic attributes of descendents of Richard Thomas.  The Project may in the foreseeable future yield a comprehensive genealogical study detailing DNA profiles and well documented paper lineage, thereby providing an invaluable DNA science document.  Obviously this depends entirely on the number of persons and family lines prepared to participate.

A results page has been published with the assistance of  familytreedna. The purpose being those persons whom have requested anonymity, or do not wish for members of the public to scrutinize analysis results, shall be provided with a password or a link to access the relevant pages. You may find the following information an assistance in understanding genetic science:-

Available tests 

Y-DNA and mtDNA tests

Interpreting the results

An interesting aspect of the results provided by FamilytreeDNA relates to the database of names (only people who sign release forms are listed) of persons matching with the testers results.  For further information contact the Group Administrator.

The methods used for calculation of this new project is at the cutting edge of genetic science which is continually developing.  Turner-Thomas Genealogy is committed to keeping pace with this development.

The administrator requests for the Y-DNA project, a minimum (where possible) of two male samples per lineage. Male testers are requested to conduct Y-DNA 37 marker or if the budget allows Y-DNA111


Female testers are requested to conduct mtDNAprint+ mtDNA tests, the results can be applied to establish mother to son, father to daughter relationships recording new strains of Thomas lineage and establish mother to daughter lineage. But the results cannot be tied to Thomas male Y-DNA lineage.

A private results page is available for participants requesting anonymity from the public domain. Acknowledgements to FamilytreeDNA for info and assistance.

Turner-Thomas DNA testing program

DNA results


For further information contact the Group Administrator

latest news


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